7 Points to Consider After Going Off Market


Your Market Statistics – It’s always wise to review your local statistics during your listing period. By doing so, you will be able to see how many homes are sold, the average days homes stay on the market, and the average price of homes.

Your Marketing Plan Take a look at your game plan and review it. Double checking to see if your agent did everything possible to get your home sold will also make sure you have an airtight strategy. It may be also a good idea to do an apples-to-apples comparison with another plan.

Progress – From time to time, it pays to ask the right questions. How many offers have you received (if any)? How many negotiations have you had? What was the highest offer you’ve received? Compare it to your goals and analyze how close or how far you were to goal.

Commissions – The commission has a direct impact on your bottom line. Do you have a commission structure that benefits you?

Current Market– Look at the listing currently on the market and review them. This is a good way to gauge your potential.

Your Selling Strategy –The best time to consider a different strategy to sell your home is by going off market, so it’s better to have a concrete plan.

Risk Free Contract– Understand your exit rights in the event of a worst case scenario.Are you going to be stuck in a 180-day contact, even if you are unsatisfied with the service? Most agencies will require a 6-month listing agreement.


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