Selling your home effectively means adapting to the modern day home shopper.

Our strategy meets your home buyer with three core truths:

  1. That 90% of home shoppers search online during their home buying process

  2. That 70% of home shoppers are looking for a tour of inside the home

  3. That 88% of buyers purchased their homes through a real estate agent

The most important question is how to get what you want.

According to a NAR survey, home sellers want three fundamental points from a real estate agency:

  • 1. Lower Fees

  • 2. A Tech-Savvy Agent

  • 3. High quality service

We have solutions to help you control the variables that matter.

These solutions will address the three following functions:

  • 1. Technology used to sell your home
  • 2. How much fees you pay to sell your home
  • 3. Strategy used to get your highest retail home value

Advanced Technology + Flexible Commissions

Premier Listing Exposure with Listing Syndication

With Amerisold, your listing will have a premier exposure on the following popular real estate websites:

Aside from a guaranteed premiere exposure, your listing will be syndicated. A Listing Syndication is basically where a seller’s property appears in different places at the same time, mainly in real estate and home buying websites, to ensure maximum exposure.


As such, Amerisold syndicates to over 154 participating publishers that reaches up to 750 homebuyers websites.

Agent Exposure + the MLS

Another core truth, 89% of sellers were assisted by a real estate agent when selling their home.

What is the MLS?

The MLS, also known as the Multiple Listing Service is a service that was created by a group of real estate brokers in order to efficiently and effectively sell their clients’ properties. The MLS makes everything easier for home buyers, and real estate agents who can provide this at their fingertips.

Why do buyers use agents?

The commission is usually deferred to the seller so a home buyer is essentially getting an agent at no cost. Do you think marketing to 12% of the buyer pool will draw enough demand to maximize your selling price?

Start Saving Today.

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Full Service + Cutting Edge Technology

With Amerisold, you can benefit from a full service listing with advanced technology. What’s more—you can save up to $25,000 with our flexible commission options, instead of the typical 5-6%. Send a chat message and request a commission breakdown


With our reliable search-engine-optimization + pay-per-click campaigns, you will be able to spread the word about your property and increase the likelihood of its being sold. We will use the following platforms to ensure you get the best results possible:

This is an advertising tactic where we market your home on the internet inviting home buyers to view your home through online clicks. There are three goals to this campaign:

  • 1. Generate Traffic

  • 2. Drive Demand

  • 3. Leverage Offers


Effective Marketing that Drives Value Up

Did you know that 70% of home shoppers look for a tour of inside the home?  Leverage this statistic to increase your home selling price.

Professional Photography

It’s all about creating that first impression, and we provide professional photographic services that will help get your house on the market and sold for the highest price!

An Impressive 3D Showcase

A 3D showcase is a feature that are sure to garner and keep the attention of buyers looking to buy a home and motivate them into buying. They’ll be able to gain the connection that mere words can’t provide. Sellers are able to sell their house more quickly, especially since this a 3D showcase is not only more technologically advanced but it’s also highly convenient.

Video Marketing

Another way to ensure you can keep a potential buyer’s attention is through a video showcase. Real estate relies heavily in visual simulation, and having video of your property can give the viewers a proper feel of the place without having to take them out of your meeting venue. It also allows us to advertise in social media platforms, which will help sellers garner more audiences.


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