After reviewing our selling strategy, ask us about our value differentiation.   

Selling a home isn’t easy – and we understand that!  We have years of professional experience in the real estate business, which means we are a name you can trust. When it comes to something as important as real estate, you don’t want to take any chances. It could be the difference in making a large profit or getting only a modest return.
That is why we urge you to choose our high-quality professional services. We pledge to do our utmost to make sure you get what you deserve and look forward to doing business with you soon.  We offer amazing features for those who are looking to sell their houses. Here are some of the listing perks:

Professional Photography

It’s all about creating that first impression, and we provide professional photographic services that will help get your house on the market and sold for the highest price!

Luxury Yard Sign And Post

Step up the home-selling process with this one-of-a-kind service! These sign posts will make your house more attractive to potential buyers. Don’t underestimate the power of appearances in making a good sale!

24/7 Information Sign Rider (Go Ahead and Call!)

Let your buyers reach you – anytime, anywhere! This information will make it much easier for you and those who are interested in the property to view the information about the house you are trying to sell.

Professionally Printed Brochures

Stand out from the crowd with our professionally printed brochures. Your house will look more attractive and official to potential buyers. With eye catching graphics, we will spark that interest in your buyers!

Custom Website

Your property will also receive its own custom website. This means that those who are looking at your house will be able to focus exclusively on it.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign

With our reliable pay-per-click campaigns, you will be able to spread the word about your property and increase the likelihood of its being sold. We will use the following platforms to ensure you get the best results possible:

Premier Exposure

Rather than using cookie cutter marketing methods, we will provide premium exposure on:

All of the above are highly-popular real estate websites that your house will appear on with our services. You won’t have to worry about no one knowing about your listing!

Listing Syndication

Our special listing syndication campaign will spread the news of your listing to over 156 participating publishers reaching homebuyers on more than 900+ websites – allowing maximum exposure to your property.

Video Tour Marketing

Video marketing will allow buyers to get a sneak-peek into the inside of the house before they ever step foot on the grounds. This will raise interest in your property and help potential buyers know what to expect.


Mega Open House

The mega open house we will put on for your property will have people coming from all over! These open houses are always a huge success!

Top Agent Preview E-Mail

This preview e-mail will make sure that your house is known to top agents in the area. This increases the likelihood that your house will not only be sold, but also sold for the price you want.

Local Brokerage Network

The local brokerage network provided by our services will make sure that your house is known to brokers in the area.

National And International Brokerage Network

Our national and international brokerage network expands the awareness of your property to even greater levels.

Staging Or Virtual Staging For Top Dollar

This staging will make the house more attractive to potential buyers by making the internal arrangements more appealing.  Staging is not for every home and may have additional requirements.  

Seller’s Protection Plan

This plan will provide you with the protection you deserve when selling your property.

Accurate Feedback

Accurate feedback is essential when you are selling your property. That is why we will always be honest with you, 100%. We will also get feedback from each showing – potential buyers and agents.


Commissions directly reduce your selling profits. Commissions are not fixed by law meaning that they are negotiable, however, most companies will not go less than a 5-6% total commission. We commit to getting you the highest paying retail buyer along with having the most lucrative commission structure.  Ask us for a commission breakdown.